How ReadYay! Works

ReadYay! was designed for readers who care about early childhood literacy and book ownership in their community.

Funds raised on behalf of the nonprofit free monthly book program in your town buy new books for preschoolers, newborn to age five, in your town. 

Join the ReadYay! Movement by

  • Mailing donations of new unwanted clothing using our free prepaid shipping labels.
  • Spreading the word about ReadYay! and its mission.
  • Shopping for new, better and designer clothing and shoes at up to 90% off retail prices.
We pride ourselves on only selling new top quality items. Everything is one-of-a-kind and are better and designer brands only.



What items do you accept?
  • New (ONLY) women and children's clothing & shoes with a retail value of $40.00 minimum with tags attached.  Request and print a shipping label for your box then leave it for pick by your mail carrier or drop it off at any USPS office.
Why do you only accept new clothing and shoes?
  • The window is so small to get books into the hands of preschool child, (only 47.8% of children between birth and five years are read to every day by their parents), that Readyay! follows the "3% rule". 
  • Of all the items donated, 90% of clothing donated is unsalable due to condition, age and style. It is recycled into rags, insulation, padding, etc. Of the remaining 10%, approximately 2 - 4% of the items are new and in sale able condition. And that 3% sells quickly. 
  • ReadYay! has streamline the fundraising and consignment process by only accepting that 3%.

What happens when I send in a box?

  • We sort, inspect, prep, tag, photograph, price, and list the items for sale.
  • Your local nonprofit free monthly book program receives 40% of the proceeds of each item sold, less the cost of shipping the inventory to our warehouse and any discounts. 
  • Plus, an additional 5% of every sale is donated to the local nonprofit free monthly book program in the buyer's town through ReadYay!'s Yay! More Free Books Initiative. 
  • Items that are unacceptable for sale are sold to third party bulk dealers with 40% of the proceeds going to the donor's school. 
  • ReadYay! is not responsible for loss due to theft, damage in transit and non-delivery or damage due to fire, smoke or water. Other fees may apply.
How do you price the items?
  • With over 20 years of combined consignment / resale ownership and consultation knowledge, ReadYay! is experienced in all aspects of consignment preparation, pricing, and fulfillment.
What happens to items you do not accept?
  • Items that are unacceptable for sale, due to condition, quality or demand, are sold to third party bulk dealers with 40% of the proceeds going to the donor's nonprofit free monthly book program. Unacceptable items cannot be returned due to the increased costs of shipping and handling.
Can I get a receipt for my donation?
  • ReadYay! is not a nonprofit organization and donations are not tax deductible. We cannot provide receipts.
  • Items may be donated directly to First Library™ (firstlibrary.org), a NJ nonprofit organization. Contact First Library at [email protected] for more information.
When do you issue checks for items sold?
  • ReadYay! issues checks three times a year. Tax ID# required for processing. $25.00 minimum per check.


How do I run a clothing drive at my office/business?*

  • Email ReadYay! at [email protected] to book a Clothing Drive.
  • Plan at least two weeks in advance for your drive.
  • Print extra clothing drive donation slips and donation flyers for distribution.
  • Ask donors to bag their new unwanted clothing and shoes for your clothing drive. Original retail value of $40.00, please.
  • Remind them to print, fill out and attach a ReadYay! clothing drive donation slip for proper credit for their town.
  • Also, ask donors to donate large shipping boxes.
  • Box the bags and attach the provided ReadYay! shipping label to each box. 
  • Email us to schedule a pick up.
  • ReadYay! does the rest and the communities receives 40% of the proceeds for books for preschoolers in their town. 

*Only approved businesses.

For more information, please visit our page. Questions?  Contact ReadYay! at [email protected].


What makes Readyay! different?

Readyay! is the only online consignment service designed FROM READERS, TO READERS, FOR READERS who care about early literacy children and book ownership for preschoolers in their community.

  • ReadYay! is a convenient, affordable service that offers fashionable clothing and shoes at up to 90% off retail prices
  • Funds raised buy much needed books for preschooler children in the donor's town.
  • Shop by town (zip code), brand, gender, style, size, condition and color.
  • Plus, we donate an additional 5% for free books given directly preschool children in the buyer's town too.

Readyay! keeps it clean, green and easy.

  • In keeping with our mission to make fundraising clean, green and easy, ReadYay! is (almost) completely paperless. All files, receipts and correspondence are emailed to donors and customers whenever possible. We also try to reuse donation boxes for new orders.  

How do I redeem coupons?

  • Coupons are automatically credited to your account at checkout.

How do I redeem REFER A Friend credits?

  • Credits are automatically credited to your account at checkout.

What forms of payment do you accept?

  • We accept most major credit cards and Paypal.

What do you charge for shipping?

  • Economy Shipping for purchases of $49.00 (pre tax) or more is FREE!

All other orders can be shipped for an additional charge.

  • Economy Shipping: First item - $3.99. Each additional item - $0.99. Arrives in 14 - 21 days.
  • Standard Shipping: First item - $5.99. Each additional item - $1.49. Arrives in 7 - 10 days.
  • Please allow up to two days for processing and packaging.

What is your return policy?

  • ReadYay!'s core mission is to raise funds for preschool books. All sales are returnable for ReadYay! credit only. Buyers have 7 days from receipt of goods to request and return goods for credit for future purchases. Buyer is responsible for all return shipping costs. For more information, please visit our ReadYay! Returns page. 
  • We accept returns for items that are incorrect. Refunds will be issued in the original form of payment. Please visit our ReadYay! Returns page for more details. 

How can I cancel an order?

FREE Preschool Books 

What is the FREE Book program?

ReadYay! works with a network of nonprofit free monthly book programs, primarily First Library™ (firstlibrary.org) or programs/affiliates like Dolly Parton's Imagination Library (imaginationlibrary.com) and PJ Library (pjlibrary.org), that deliver high quality, age-appropriate books directly to the homes of children, newborn to age five, monthly, free of financial obligation and cost, regardless of the family’s income.

Over 36,000,000 books have been mailed to children in the United States and beyond and over ONE MILLION children receive new books each and every month.

How does Readyay! support this cause?

ReadYay! donates 5% of the proceeds of every sale through their Yay! More Free Books Initiative to the nonprofit free monthly book program in the buyer's town, primarily First Library and programs/affiliates like Dolly Parton's Imagination Library. 

ReadYay! partnering with First Library, will be able to bring the free monthly book program for preschoolers to new areas with every purchase.

How does it work?

Donations of 5% are automatically generated on the invoice page of the buyer and are credited to the zip code of the buyer.

When do you donate funds?

Checks are issued twice a year. $25.00 minimum per check.

For more information, please visit our More FREE Books page. Questions? Contact First Library at [email protected].